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April 2017 Archives

Image exploitation laws: something young people need to know

College-aged individuals on any campus -- whether at PSU or elsewhere in Pennsylvania or another state - collectively comprise an eclectic bunch. Indeed, it is the diversity and sheer dynamic linked with that demographic that makes the university environment so filled with potential and opportunities for learning.

Minors are not adults: just sentencing should reflect that

A recent media article discussing juvenile criminal offenders makes reasonable arguments as to why herding youthful law breakers together with older inmates convicted of crimes in adult correctional facilities is seldom, if ever, a good idea on any level.

How do police officers spot a drunk driver?

Arrests based on drunk driving charges are one of the most common types of arrests that law enforcement officers make throughout the country, including in Pennsylvania. Every day in State College, Lock Haven and across Pennsylvania, people make the mistake of getting behind the wheel of a car after consuming too much alcohol. But, how do police officers find drunk drivers? What driving behaviors might tip off a police officer that a driver is intoxicated?

Do I qualify for an expungement?

By some estimates, one in three adults in the United States has a criminal record. For many people, these are for low-level offenses like marijuana possession, disorderly conduct or DUI. Unfortunately, that one-time mistake can stain a person’s record for decades. For some people, that can make it hard to find jobs that pay well.

PSU simulation logical segue to state's DUI penalties

Students are used to simulations involving myriad subject matter. Even at the elementary school level, mock programs stressing things like orderly evacuations during emergencies, appropriate responses to bullying behavior and defensive strategies to engage potential adult predators are introduced.

Broadly relevant DUI tale: fraudulent validation of breathalyzers

Unquestionably, law enforcement agencies in Pennsylvania and nationally have a plethora of resources -- coupled with obviously impressive state police powers -- at their disposal when they're literally on the prowl for drivers they might reasonably be able to pull over for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol.