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Drug Crimes Archives

Drug dealers can be charged with homicide in overdose cases

Although illicit drugs are dangerous, some college students nevertheless choose to experiment with them. Sometimes, this involves supplying friends with illegal drugs or prescription medications. Few of these young people anticipate that their friends may suffer a fatal overdose. But if this does happen, the dealer may have to cope with far more than grief and survivor's guilt. Due to a once-obscure Pennsylvania law that is making a resurgence, the person who supplies the drugs used in a fatal overdose may be charged with the victim's murder.

Prosecutors will file no charges in Prince's fentanyl death

Just before the second anniversary of megastar Prince's death, federal prosecutors have announced they will file no criminal charges in the case. Prince died at age 57 in April 2016, after overdosing on fentanyl-laced pain pills. He was found unresponsive at his studio compound Paisley Park in Minnesota.

Local cocaine distribution case pits son against mother

One of the most troubling parts of the War on Drugs is the way that it can divide families. In a recent case in Clearfield, an alleged member of a Houtzdale cocaine distribution ring received a lighter sentence because he has been cooperating in the prosecution of his mother. The mother, Pamela G., has demanded a jury trial to prove her innocence.

Prison visitors, inmates charged with smuggling Suboxone

Suboxone, generically known as buprenorphine and naloxone, is commonly prescribed to treat opioid addiction. Unfortunately, prison-based opioid addiction treatment often doesn't provide the drug or the relief it offers to suffering addicts. It seems, however, that several people at the Rockview State Correctional Institution may have tried to make it available to the inmate population.

Could lower drug charges reduce the racial sentencing disparity?

Across the U.S., minorities face apparently race-based disparities in every part of the criminal justice system. They tend to be contacted by police, arrested, charged, and convicted at higher rates than whites despite being no more likely to commit crimes than their white peers. They are also incarcerated more often and sentenced to longer terms in prison.

PA physician assistant accused of writing bogus prescriptions

A Philipsburg physician assistant has been arrested for allegedly writing prescriptions in the wrong name or for people who weren't patients of her clinic and under other illegal circumstances. She and another person were arrested. Interestingly, the Drug Enforcement Administration investigated for a full year after receiving a complaint about the woman.

Buffalo Twp couple arrested when hibiscus mistaken as marijuana

Their insurance agent came to their house to investigate a fallen tree. It seems that agent took it upon himself to perform a more serious investigation. After noticing some unusual plants in the back yard of his clients' Buffalo Township home, he sent pictures to the police.

Young man denies search consent; now facing drug, weapon charges

An 18-year-old man from Bellefonte was arrested recently after police allegedly discovered drugs, drug paraphernalia and a prohibited weapon in his possession. On Sept. 12, Pennsylvania State Police were called to a Bellefonte address after a report of an argument. A trooper met with the individual reported to be involved, who was the 18-year-old. The trooper reported finding a set of metal knuckles and two suspicious pills in his possession.

Sessions wants a culture that's 'hostile' to drug use

Calling the opioid epidemic the deadliest such crisis in American history, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions called upon social workers and law enforcement this week to "create and foster a culture that's hostile to drug use."