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Drunk Driving Archives

Honesty may be nice, but exercise your right to remain silent

You were probably taught as a child that honesty is the best policy. A criminal defense attorney's take might be that you should never lie to the police but you should always exercise your right to remain silent. Being forthcoming with officers about what laws you have broken might seem like it will help them understand your point of view, but it will only get you charged.

How do we know if breath testing machines are accurate?

When someone is arrested for DUI, one thing a defense attorney might look into is whether the breath test was accurate. These tests can be performed incorrectly, and the machines may be uncalibrated or calibrated improperly. Just as important, the machines are manufactured and marketed for profit, with source codes that are proprietary. That means that there could be hidden issues that lead to inaccurate test results.

Government report urges reducing DUI threshold to 0.05 percent

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wanted to know what strategies for reducing drunk driving have been proven effective, so it commissioned a report from a panel of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. That report is in. Although the panel recommended a mix of evidence-based approaches, its top recommendation may come as a surprise. It urges all states to reduce their legal DUI threshold to 0.05 percent.

Man spends 5 months in PA prison, falsely accused of DUI

In 2014, the Pennsylvania State Police falsely accused a New York man of drunk driving. The man spent 158 days in the Lehigh County Prison, despite being completely innocent. How did this miscarriage of justice occur? First, his bail was set at a level he could not afford. Second, a state trooper continued to insist on his guilt despite ample evidence that he was not.

Enjoy 'Halloweekend,' but be aware of the risks

One of Penn State's rowdiest weekends is fast approaching. Known as "Halloweekend," PSU students let loose for several days surrounding the holiday, packing bars and apartments for hours and hours of partying.

The steps a field sobriety test consists of

When drivers in Pennsylvania and other states are pulled over by a police officer, it is likely they are in a slight panic mode. No motorist likes to get pulled over, and no motorist ever enjoys getting a ticket following a stop. What about stops that involve more than just a simple traffic violation? If an officer is under the suspicion that a driver is under the influence of alcohol, a driver will be subjected to some tests. It is not only important to understand what these tests are but also why they are used. This awareness could help a driver assert defenses if he or she is facing a drunk driving charge.

Don't ruin summer fun with a drunken boating arrest

Summer is officially here. Most PSU students and local kids are enjoying their summer vacations. Parents and young adults also like to take advantage of the beautiful weather and long daylight hours to soak up the sun and spend time with friends. Raystown Lake and Foster Joseph Sayers Lake are likely to be bursting with activity for the next few months.

Image exploitation laws: something young people need to know

College-aged individuals on any campus -- whether at PSU or elsewhere in Pennsylvania or another state - collectively comprise an eclectic bunch. Indeed, it is the diversity and sheer dynamic linked with that demographic that makes the university environment so filled with potential and opportunities for learning.

Minors are not adults: just sentencing should reflect that

A recent media article discussing juvenile criminal offenders makes reasonable arguments as to why herding youthful law breakers together with older inmates convicted of crimes in adult correctional facilities is seldom, if ever, a good idea on any level.