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Probation and Parole Violations Archives

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill ordered released on bail

In 2008, rapper Meek Mill (Robert Rihmeek Williams) was convicted of drug and weapon charges after a Philadelphia narcotics officer testified against him. Meek Mill has always denied the charges, and prosecutors now admit to serious doubts about that officer's credibility. In fact, prosecutors recently argued before a judge that the conviction should be vacated.

Fighting for a second chance: when probation or parole is revoked

Many people are understandably relieved upon knowing that they do not have to serve the maximum sentence applicable to an original criminal offense, provided that they satisfy the terms and conditions of probation or parole.

The potential for additional penalties in a probation violation

There are millions of Americans who are currently under court supervision through a probation department due to a criminal conviction. Probation supervision allows those who have been convicted of a crime to, in essence, serve the sentence for that crime while remaining in the community. Criminal justice policy makers have recognized that not all people who are convicted for a crime need to serve time in prison.

Who administers the probation and parole system?

Many students and others in State College have probably heard a little about how probation and parole works if one is in the system after conviction for a crime. Most know that the system is administered by probation officers and parole officers. But many in Happy Valley may not know a great deal about the government agency under whose auspices these officers work. This blog post will provide a little information about that agency.