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Posts tagged "underage drinking"

Pi Delta Psi banned from Pennsylvania after Baruch College death

In December 2013, a student pledging for Pi Delta Psi at Baruch College died after enduring violent hazing by members of the fraternity. On a cold, early morning in the Poconos, he was blindfolded, made to wear a backpack weighted with sand, and was tackled and roughed up until he fell unconscious. He died the following day.

2 facing felonies, 'defiant trespassing' charge for bar break-in

Two young men have been charged with felony burglary and several misdemeanor charges after allegedly breaking into The Saloon bar on Hiester Street early Sunday. The misdemeanor charges included theft, possession of controlled substances and "defiant trespassing," which involves continuing to trespass after being given notice to leave.

2 more Penn State fraternities suspended due to alcohol violations

University officials announced over the weekend that two more fraternities will be suspended. That brings the total to six fraternities suspended this year. The university suspended three others in 2015.

Enjoy 'Halloweekend,' but be aware of the risks

One of Penn State's rowdiest weekends is fast approaching. Known as "Halloweekend," PSU students let loose for several days surrounding the holiday, packing bars and apartments for hours and hours of partying.

Ten students arrested after fraternity pledge's death

Binge drinking on college campuses is still a problem, especially in the context of fraternity hazing rituals that involve excessive drinking as "punishments" for pledges. Not only can these result in injuries, some college students can lose their lives.

PSU student demographic: young, hopeful, vulnerable

If you perchance happen to be a PSU student, you're undoubtedly a unique individual possessed of curiosity, a passion for learning and excitement for the future. Candidly, many older adults envy you for those traits and deeply respect your drive and aspirations (with your parents, of course, thinking about such things all the time).

Understanding summary violations in Pennsylvania

In addition to misdemeanor and felony charges, Pennsylvania also has a category of offenses known as "summary offenses." These are less serious criminal offenses. However, a conviction could still mean spending up to 90 days in jail and paying a $300 fine.

Everything new students need to know about underage drinking

School is back in session, and fall semesters come with the promise of exciting events, new adventures and a slew of parties. It's important to make the most of the college experience and live well, but it is also important to stay safe. Many events will come with an opportunity to drink, so if you are underage or might consider providing alcohol to someone who is, you should reconsider just how much you are risking. Take another look at the most commonly abused liquor laws and just how much a violation can really hurt.