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Posts tagged "Criminal Defense"

Penn. drug-crisis vigilante pleads guilty to gun charges in NJ

After his daughter's overdose death, a 52-year-old gun range owner from the Lehigh Valley dedicated his life to intervening when young people become involved with drugs and the collateral dangers associated with them. He's not performing your standard drug interventions, though. Instead, he stands ready -- and armed -- to pull people out of sticky situations in hotel rooms and flop houses and get those people to a treatment center.

Thwarting reform efforts, Sessions increases civil forfeiture

In a move former attorney general Eric Holder called "another extremist action," Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on Monday that he plans to retrench an old policy on civil forfeiture. In a speech before the National Association of District Attorneys, Sessions urged prosecutors to "develop policies to increase forfeitures" because "no criminal should be allowed to keep the proceeds of their crime."

Preliminary hearing continues in Penn State fraternity death case

Penn State's Beta Theta Pi fraternity and 16 members are challenging the case against them in a preliminary hearing on the February hazing death of a pledge. According to a police detective testifying at the hearing, the 19-year-old pledge drank a dangerous amount of alcohol before falling down a set of basement steps. The detective says the young man's medical condition then went untreated. He died after suffering a skull fracture, spleen damage, and bleeding in the brain and abdomen.

Pregnant woman overdoses, gets charged with assault on child

A 30-year-old East Butler woman has been charged with aggravated assault on an unborn child after overdosing on heroin while seven months pregnant. The baby was born a day after the overdose and is now on life support with "lasting injuries," according to police.

Don't ruin summer fun with a drunken boating arrest

Summer is officially here. Most PSU students and local kids are enjoying their summer vacations. Parents and young adults also like to take advantage of the beautiful weather and long daylight hours to soak up the sun and spend time with friends. Raystown Lake and Foster Joseph Sayers Lake are likely to be bursting with activity for the next few months.

PSU fatal hazing case takes material step forward

It likely came as little surprise late last week to members of the student body and other individuals intimately involved with PSU that somber developments surfaced regarding the hazing-related death of a would-be fraternity brother during a so-called "bid acceptance night" this past February.