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Posts tagged "criminal defense"

Philly man charged with possessing gun that may not have been his

Patton Township police arrested a 23-year old Philadelphia man recently after a disorderly conduct call. According to police, a man had pointed a handgun at another man and took some cash from his wallet. The police settled on the Philadelphia man as the suspect.

Road rage by passenger sends woman to hospital, man to jail

Often enough, criminal acts are the result of unmanaged anger. We've all heard of road rage, where an angry driver overreacts to a stranger's irritating driving habits. Sometimes the events escalate to the point where the two drivers pull off the road and argue, or even fight. Afterwards it can be hard to explain why pulling over seemed like it would help.

Could lower drug charges reduce the racial sentencing disparity?

Across the U.S., minorities face apparently race-based disparities in every part of the criminal justice system. They tend to be contacted by police, arrested, charged, and convicted at higher rates than whites despite being no more likely to commit crimes than their white peers. They are also incarcerated more often and sentenced to longer terms in prison.

PA physician assistant accused of writing bogus prescriptions

A Philipsburg physician assistant has been arrested for allegedly writing prescriptions in the wrong name or for people who weren't patients of her clinic and under other illegal circumstances. She and another person were arrested. Interestingly, the Drug Enforcement Administration investigated for a full year after receiving a complaint about the woman.

Government report urges reducing DUI threshold to 0.05 percent

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wanted to know what strategies for reducing drunk driving have been proven effective, so it commissioned a report from a panel of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. That report is in. Although the panel recommended a mix of evidence-based approaches, its top recommendation may come as a surprise. It urges all states to reduce their legal DUI threshold to 0.05 percent.

Pi Delta Psi banned from Pennsylvania after Baruch College death

In December 2013, a student pledging for Pi Delta Psi at Baruch College died after enduring violent hazing by members of the fraternity. On a cold, early morning in the Poconos, he was blindfolded, made to wear a backpack weighted with sand, and was tackled and roughed up until he fell unconscious. He died the following day.

Man given life without parole as juvenile to be resentenced

In 1987, when Timothy H. of Philipsburg was 15, he ran away from a juvenile detention center. On Christmas Eve of that year, he allegedly shot a man to death. The following June, he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Penn. high court: Pulling over to side of road is not suspicious

If you pull over to the shoulder of the interstate, is that automatically suspicious? The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently ruled that it is not. Moreover, the court threw out a drunk driving conviction based on the officer believing it was.

Should the police need a warrant to track your cell's location?

On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments about whether police should be required to get a warrant before accessing location records for a suspect's cellphone. Law enforcement has been gaining access to these records by getting an ordinary court order, which requires a lower standard of evidence than a warrant.

Buffalo Twp couple arrested when hibiscus mistaken as marijuana

Their insurance agent came to their house to investigate a fallen tree. It seems that agent took it upon himself to perform a more serious investigation. After noticing some unusual plants in the back yard of his clients' Buffalo Township home, he sent pictures to the police.