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Posts tagged "criminal defense"

Theft offenses can bring surprisingly heavy penalties

Although the term "theft" can be broadly construed as an umbrella-type depiction embracing a number of unlawful acts, it generally conveys a situation where an individual has taken property from another person or company without consent and intends to personally profit from that taking.

Arrests: An annual byproduct of State Patty's Day

The now relatively long-tenured period of mass revelry that marks the annual State Patty's weekend (since 2007) for students, other local State College residents and an increasingly growing number of participants incoming from other parts of Pennsylvania and adjoining states was its usual eventful self this year.

Asset forfeiture and the rights of the state to take your property

As more lawmakers and activists talk about reforms to the criminal justice system, one of the topics that always comes up is asset forfeiture. This little understood concept is one of the most powerful tools that the federal government and Pennsylvania have at their disposal; it is also a power that they frequently abuse.

Fighting for a second chance: when probation or parole is revoked

Many people are understandably relieved upon knowing that they do not have to serve the maximum sentence applicable to an original criminal offense, provided that they satisfy the terms and conditions of probation or parole.

Former Penn State All-American to face assault charges

Football fans in State College were treated to an amazing season from the Penn State squad - a season that ultimately ended in a heartbreaking defeat to USC in the Rose Bowl. But, nonetheless, it was a season that almost saw Penn State among the final four teams to advance to the College Football Playoff.

PSU student demographic: young, hopeful, vulnerable

If you perchance happen to be a PSU student, you're undoubtedly a unique individual possessed of curiosity, a passion for learning and excitement for the future. Candidly, many older adults envy you for those traits and deeply respect your drive and aspirations (with your parents, of course, thinking about such things all the time).

Taking the right approach to your criminal defense strategy

No Pennsylvania resident wants to be arrested and charged with a crime. But, the reality is that this happens every day. People in Pennsylvania can face misdemeanor charges, like driving while intoxicated or drug possession charges, or they can face more serious felony charges, such as battery charges, burglary charges or robbery charges. There are quite a few ways to break the law, and the criminal justice system in Pennsylvania will hold guilty people accountable to the fullest extent of the law.