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Don’t ruin Thanksgiving with a DUI

by | Nov 17, 2016 | DUI Defense

Thanksgiving should always be a time for happiness and coming together with friends and family to celebrate. Unfortunately, many people party far too hard over the long weekend, leading to a spike in fatal accidents and DUI arrests.

PennDOT announced this week that officers will be paying extra attention for signs of drunk driving during the holidays. According to the agency, during the 2015 Thanksgiving travel period, which includes the weekends before and after the holiday, there were 4,029 accidents and 45 fatalities. When combined with Christmas and New Year’s, there were 1,209 crashes involving drunk or drugged drivers and 38 fatalities.

The Consequences For A Drunk Driving Arrest Are Severe

Whether you live in State College or Lock Haven or you are a college student traveling to your hometown for the holiday, it is important to remember the consequences of a drunk driving arrest. Depending on your blood alcohol content and whether you have any previous convictions, you could face an immediate suspension of your license.

A conviction could also mean time in jail and a lengthy driver’s license suspension. If you get into a crash with another vehicle and cause any injuries or fatalities, the penalties will be much more severe. For college students, this could also mean facing disciplinary measures at school. A conviction on your record will also make it harder to find a job when you graduate.

Celebrate Responsibly

If you are celebrating this holiday season, remember to celebrate responsibly. If you plan on attending a party or going to a bar, remember to use a designated driver, walk or call a taxi. Do not let the excitement of seeing some friends again override your good judgment.

Additionally, if you are stopped, remember that you cannot talk your way out of an arrest. If you are arrested, you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible.