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Are You Facing An Assault Charge?

Decker Bradburn, Attorneys at Law, is a State College law firm with the legal skill and knowledge necessary to effectively represent students and other individuals charged with assault in Pennsylvania.

Often, such charges go hand-in-hand with alcohol consumption. We have defended many Penn State students and their friends charged with fighting or assault in Calder Alley and other nearby locales. Our firm provides effective defense against many different types of charges.

Penalties For Simple Vs. Aggravated Assault

Pennsylvania categorizes assault charges into “simple” or “aggravated” offenses. You can be charged with simple assault for simply threatening someone or causing fear of imminent harm, whether or not you lay a hand on the person. This offense is a misdemeanor that can carry up to five years of prison time.

Aggravated assault is a felony offense and typically involves significant bodily injury or the use of a deadly weapon. You may also be charged with this offense for assaulting police officers or other members of protected groups. It can carry 10 to 20 years of prison time.

Domestic Violence Charges

Assaulting your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend is considered domestic abuse or violence. This type of offense also carries serious consequences, including jail time, fines, potential loss of child custody and loss of the right to carry firearms. Even if the so-called victim changes his or her mind and doesn’t want to press charges, it’s too late. The matter is out of his or her hands as soon as the police show up.

Crafting A Defense Strategy

We will take the unique circumstances of your case into account when developing a defense strategy for you. Depending on the situation, we may be able to argue that you were acting in self-defense, that it was a case of mistaken identity, that the alleged victim lied about the event or that you had diminished capacity.

Start Building Your Defense Today

To learn more about how we can aggressively protect your rights, request an initial consultation with one of our State College assault defense lawyers. Simply call Decker Bradburn at 814-470-8023 or complete the online form. We are available 24/7.