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Appealing Your ChildLine And Abuse Registry Listing

In Pennsylvania, individuals who have been accused of child abuse or neglect or have been convicted of these crimes can be placed on the state’s ChildLine and Abuse Registry. Individuals who are listed on this registry are restricted from certain places and activities that can greatly affect their lives.

If you have been “childlined,” you may be prevented from:

  • Asserting your parenting rights
  • Visiting your child at school
  • Applying for and remaining at jobs that involve children
  • Participating in certain activities where children are present

Identifying The Appropriate Remedy For Your Situation

When you are facing a complex legal matter of this nature, it is important to address the issue as quickly and effectively as possible. At Decker Bradburn, Attorneys at Law, our lawyers use decades of trial and appeals experience to help our clients resolve difficult criminal matters as promptly as possible. We aim to limit the impact these issues have on your relationship with your children, job opportunities and freedoms.

Our lawyers customize our approach according to the circumstances surrounding your case. We help our clients contest the ChildLine agency’s determination by challenging the evidence submitted and ensuring that it meets a “clear and convincing” standard. Our aggressive strategies have secured favorable outcomes for many of our clients. We have successfully petitioned to expunge outdated and inaccurate listings from the registry.

It is not uncommon for false child abuse reports to be filed. Unfounded abuse allegations can also lead to a listing on the ChildLine and Abuse Registry. Although these claims may be invalid, they can have disastrous consequences. Get the effective, skilled legal support you need when you are confronting this serious matter.

Exercise Your Right To An Appeal. Contact Our Firm Today.

You have a limited period of time to appeal allegations and petition for a hearing. If you have received notice from the ChildLine agency, it is vital to speak with an attorney.

You can easily schedule a free case assessment at our State College office by emailing our contact form or by dialing 814-470-8023. Get the qualified advice you need.