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Working To Keep Families Together

Whether a Pennsylvania county Children and Youth Services (CYS) agency contacts you about a family investigation over the phone, through mail or at your front door, this notification should not be taken lightly.

CYS case workers conduct investigations to ensure children are safe from harm. If they believe your child’s welfare is at risk, they can remove your child from your home without advanced warning. In more common situations, you be required to participate in interviews and hearings before this distressing matter is resolved.

At Decker Bradburn, Attorneys at Law, our team of skilled attorneys represents our clients without judgment. If you are the subject of a CYS investigation, our lawyers will treat you with compassion and explore all available options to get your family back together.

Facts To Keep In Mind

It is crucial to keep these points in mind when a CYS case worker contacts you:

  1. If CYS is involved in any way, you should be represented by quality counsel because the results of this investigation could affect custody of your children, or end up in criminal charges.
  2. Being questioned by CYS like being questioned by the police. You have the right to have an attorney present when you are speaking with case workers. Anything you do say can be used in hearings and may affect the outcome of your case.
  3. A lot of CYS investigations involve issues within the family, which makes it more complicated. Our attorneys have vast experience handling these complex criminal defense issues, so we know how to defend against these types of allegations.

When you retain our legal services, we will act quickly to protect your parenting rights. We will make sure you are thoroughly prepared for any interviews and meetings with CYS workers or police. We will advise you on the most efficient way to approach these sessions.

Throughout State College and the surrounding area, our attorneys are known for their aggressive client defense. We will zealously defend your parenting rights in hearings and throughout all stages of the investigation.

Time Is Not On Your Side When You Are Facing A CYS Investigation. Contact Us Today.

You do not need to face this stressful experience alone. Contact our attorneys to receive knowledgeable legal advice on your children and youth services questions and concerns. You can easily connect with us by dialing 814-470-8023 or emailing our firm.