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Advocating For Students At College Disciplinary Hearings

When a student is charged with a crime or accused of misconduct, colleges and universities almost always take some sort of action. Often, the college’s disciplinary board reviews the complaint or criminal report and determines whether the student will be allowed to continue taking courses and reside on campus (if the student is living in a dorm) and whether a probationary period is appropriate.

Most students and their parents do not realize that an experienced college student defense attorney can help students respond to a school’s disciplinary actions. At Decker Bradburn, Attorneys at Law, in State College, Pennsylvania, we can help determine what action to take to avoid serious consequences and minimize the impact of a criminal charge on a student’s future.

Penn State’s Office Of Student Conduct

Penn State’s Office of Student Conduct handles both on- and off-campus misconduct issues. The office may take action right away after learning about a student’s criminal charge. Or, it may defer action until the criminal proceedings are complete.

Our attorneys have represented many Penn State students in criminal defense matters, as well as in Penn State’s disciplinary hearings.

As a student, you have the right to request a hearing in which the university will reconsider its actions against you. As criminal charges often lead to expulsion, it is in a student’s best interest to have an attorney during the hearing to work toward the best outcome.

Contact Us To Protect Your Rights And Future

Our lawyers are adept at handling both criminal charges and college disciplinary hearings for students. We are dedicated to protecting students’ rights and preserving their futures. Do not delay if you or your child is a college student charged with a crime. Call 814-470-8023 now or send us an email to get started.