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Do You Wish To Appeal A Criminal Conviction?

At Decker Bradburn, Attorneys at Law, we know there really are no minor criminal charges, because even a misdemeanor can stay on your record and seriously impact your future. If you were not able to achieve the result you wanted at the trial level and you were convicted of a crime, we can help you appeal the result.

Contact our firm immediately to discuss your case and options for an appeal. Schedule a confidential case evaluation by calling 814-470-8023.

An Overview Of The Criminal Appellate Process

In an appeal, we will attempt to show that your criminal case should be dismissed, retried or resentenced due to legal missteps that occurred during the trial. The appellate court will only look at the evidence, records and transcripts of the original trial, and will not consider any new information. As your attorneys, we will provide a written brief telling your side of the story. The prosecution will also provide a brief explaining why the original decision should be upheld. We may have the option to file a second brief in response and provide an oral argument as well.

How Long Does It Take To Appeal A Conviction?

One of the most common questions we hear from people seeking our assistance with an appeal is, “How long will it take?” It is difficult to know, but generally, it takes several months for an appeal to be decided. Each case is different, so it is impossible to predict exactly how a case will play out.

The more important time frames for the appellant to be aware of are the deadlines for filing post-conviction motions and appeals. This is why it is important to contact a skilled appellate lawyer directly after sentencing. Our attorneys are familiar with the appellate process in Pennsylvania, and we will immediately start working to protect your rights, freedom and future.

Call Now For More Information About Appeals

We can provide you with the diligent, assertive representation you need during a criminal appeal. To learn more about how we can help you, email us now or call our State College office at 814-470-8023 for a confidential consultation.