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How A Conviction Will Impact Your Future

If a college student is convicted of a crime, the consequences can go far beyond a jail sentence or fines. A permanent criminal record will have a serious impact on many areas of a student’s life in the years to come. Contact Decker Bradburn, Attorneys at Law, in State College, to minimize the consequences, including:

  • Current standing as a student: If a college student is charged with a crime, especially if it occurred on campus, the student could be expelled or face other disciplinary measures at school.
  • Employment: Getting a job is challenging enough for college students and new college graduates. With a charge on your record (just a charge, not even a conviction), gaining employment will be even more difficult.
  • Government employment: Getting a government job that requires security clearances will be nearly impossible, even years later.
  • Graduate school: Graduate schools have high standards for selecting students for their graduate programs. Many will not consider applicants with criminal records.
  • Sex offender registration: Sexual assault, statutory rape and other sex-related criminal charges will affect nearly every aspect of your life far into the future. It will affect your ability to get a job, where you live, where you can go and whom you can spend time with. Additionally, the public will have access to your information at all times.
  • Housing: Many apartment buildings and other rental properties do not rent to people with criminal records. Students currently living in college dorms may not be allowed to continue living there, especially if the alleged crime occurred on campus.

These are just a few of the ways a criminal charge can affect a college student’s future. The stress of dealing with the criminal process while in school can also weigh heavily on a student. Many struggle with depression and anxiety, and some have even more problems due to a lack of family support.

Act Now To Protect Your Future

At Decker Bradburn, Attorneys at Law, we believe that one mistake or false accusation shouldn’t impact the rest of your life. You need a skilled college student defense attorney as soon as possible to fight a criminal charge in Pennsylvania. Contact us online or call us at 814-470-8023. We are available 24/7.