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Former Penn State All-American to face assault charges

by | Feb 21, 2017 | Criminal Defense

Football fans in State College were treated to an amazing season from the Penn State squad – a season that ultimately ended in a heartbreaking defeat to USC in the Rose Bowl. But, nonetheless, it was a season that almost saw Penn State among the final four teams to advance to the College Football Playoff.

Our readers who are passionate about Penn State football may remember a former All-American, Curtis Enis, who played running back in the ’90s. Unfortunately, football season for Enis probably didn’t go as planned this year – not on the field, but in terms of involvement with the criminal justice system.

According to a recent report, Enis will face assault charges in connection with an alleged altercation that occurred at a State College bar back in October. The 40-year-old Enis allegedly punched a man and tackled another. The reports indicate that at the time of his arrest, Enis claimed that his actions were done in self-defense. Nonetheless, he will now face misdemeanor charges.

If Enis does intend to claim self-defense in regards to the allegations, an experienced criminal defense attorney can determine if that is a smart strategy for fighting the charges. Pennsylvania residents are allowed to defend themselves under the law. However, when it comes to proving that a defendant engaged in self-defense, there are some legal hurdles that need to be overcome.

Planning a criminal defense strategy in response to assault charges can be difficult. But the effort can be worth it to keep a criminal conviction off a person’s record – especially a conviction for a violent crime. Such a conviction can lead to long-term consequences, like having difficulty finding a job or a place to live, or even impacting child custody arrangements.