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Keeping it Super this Sunday: some alcohol-related considerations

by | Feb 1, 2017 | DUI Defense

Given that college students and similarly aged peers comprise an energetic and alert demographic, most of them readily note the big event going on this weekend.

And it’s not at the library.

In fact, it’s what has come to be regarded as America’s biggest annual party (with all due respect to New Year’s Eve).

We’re talking the Super Bowl, of course, and all that it entails.

Which is a lot, with the game now in its 51st year and replete with a kind of egalitarian pageantry that permeates from coast to coast.

In short, people will party this weekend, in the millions.

And legions of them will have consumed some level of alcohol before getting behind the wheel, which is unquestionably going to breed problems in select instances.

For students, that can yield flatly — and often outsized — adverse consequences in the event they have imbibed and subsequently been stopped by a police officer or state trooper.

It is sheer understatement to note that law enforcers will be out on the roads in force this weekend in State College, the areas immediately surrounding PSU, and all across the state.

And that beefed-up presence will be zeroed in on suspected drunk drivers.

Students are hardly going to be excluded from that (or from being targets in investigations focused upon underage drinking).

And if they are arrested and criminally charged with driving under the influence, the repercussions can be severe, indeed. As we note on a page of our website devoted to drunk driving considerations, a DUI conviction can bring, among other things, “jail time, very steep fines and the loss of [a] driver’s license.”

We wish all our readers a happy and safe Super Bowl weekend.

In doing so, though, we also acknowledge that real-life adversity can sometimes intervene in unforeseen ways. When it does, with potential downside consequences relating to drinking and driving looming large, an individual might reasonably want to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney without delay.

Proven legal counsel can offer timely and candid advice and, when necessary, diligent representation geared toward mitigating an adverse outcome to the fullest extent possible.

Enjoy the game.