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Key elements of proven drug defense representation

by | Feb 28, 2017 | Drug Crimes

No tried-and-tested criminal defense attorney in Pennsylvania or any other state would in good faith ever promise a complete dismissal of all charges in a drug crimes case.

That would be unprofessional and potentially misleading. The dropping off all charges is not possible in every case.

Having said that, though, the chances for an optimal – that is, a best-case – outcome are immeasurably improved when a defense attorney is known as an aggressive advocate who works tirelessly on behalf of clients who are in dire need of legal help.

Another fact that is also true: When it comes to selecting defense counsel in a drug case or any other criminal matter, experience counts.

Your attorney should have a demonstrated record of client commitment and results in drug defense cases that backs up the focus, knowledge and impassioned advocacy they bring to bear in every drug case.

It is no secret that police and prosecutors essentially take a zero-sum stance in most criminal cases involving drugs. They are aggressive in their actions, and they seek convictions.

Your attorney’s role in response is direct and straightforward: being sharply focused on making the state prove every alleged piece of evidence in its possession. Your attorney should closely probe all aspects of a stop, an initial police/citizen interaction, a search, the collection and treatment of evidence, the testimony of witnesses and other material matters that both singly and together can point to deficiencies in a prosecution’s case.

The stakes are high for any person in Pennsylvania challenged by the resources of state authorities in a drug matter.

By hiring an experienced attorney, you can ensure that you receive fair treatment and representation that is unwaveringly focused on obtaining the best possible outcome possible.