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PSU student demographic: young, hopeful, vulnerable

by | Feb 10, 2017 | Criminal Defense

If you perchance happen to be a PSU student, you’re undoubtedly a unique individual possessed of curiosity, a passion for learning and excitement for the future. Candidly, many older adults envy you for those traits and deeply respect your drive and aspirations (with your parents, of course, thinking about such things all the time).

You’re also something else, though, namely this: part of a demographic that, because of its youth and vitality, can sometimes be a bit vulnerable in social situations that centrally mark high-energy and frenetic campus environments like PSU.

We simply opt for candor on our State College criminal law website at Decker Bradburn when we cite the truism that “college life includes the potential for various legal issues.”

Given that, we add, there are some things “that are good to know sooner rather than later.”

Here’s one: A heightened law enforcement presence is a permanent reality in all areas where students congregate and socialize, especially in bars, restaurants and other venues where alcohol is served.

And here’s another: Criminal authorities are manifestly serious about following through legally when they apprehend any individual under the age of 21 on a drinking-related offense (as well as people over that age who supply alcohol to minors).

Although students know, of course, that drinking-related penalties bring repercussions, they are often not fully informed regarding the potential magnitude of adverse consequences.

Yes, a fine looms large, and it can be onerously high. An infraction can also result, though, in the loss of driving privileges, a curtailing of much needed financial aid, the cutting off of future opportunities to apply to select schools or join the military, reduced job prospects and more.

Although law enforcers can be uncompromising in their response to underage drinking offenses in some instances, they can also be amenable to nuanced and second-chance outcomes that a proven defense attorney can help foster.

Decker Bradburn routinely advocates diligently on behalf of students who suddenly find themselves needing proven and aggressive legal help.

Our unwavering goal in every client matter is two-fold, namely, to secure an outcome that fully promotes the legal rights and interests of the individual needing our help and to mitigate adverse consequences to the fullest extent possible.

We welcome readers’ questions and contacts to the firm.