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Theft offenses can bring surprisingly heavy penalties

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Criminal Defense

Although the term “theft” can be broadly construed as an umbrella-type depiction embracing a number of unlawful acts, it generally conveys a situation where an individual has taken property from another person or company without consent and intends to personally profit from that taking.

In some instances, a theft — while always construed as a serious legal matter — might be reasonably viewed as something less than truly material for the involved parties.

Many people — juveniles, students and others — have been apprehended for shoplifting an item of insignificant value, for example. When the worth of a stolen item is truly small, neither logic nor equity supports a harsh outcome for a wrongdoer that lasts a lifetime.

In many cases, though, legal authorities in Pennsylvania take a flatly dim view of theft and are unwilling to mitigate penalties to any appreciable degree, especially when the value of stolen goods or merchandise is more than trivial.

Additionally, the theft of property valued at $2,000 or more is a felony under state law. Authorities will zealously prosecute a defendant and seek harsh penalties that bring significant long-term consequences.

A theft conviction can derail professional opportunities and future prospects for students and other young people. Many of those youthful offenders simply did not see the stark potential downsides linked with bad judgment that resulted in their apprehension following a burglary, credit card fraud, stealing of an automobile or other type of theft offense.

Our attorneys bring focused, tailored and aggressive legal advocacy to bear on behalf of individuals in State College and elsewhere across Pennsylvania who need diligent representation to defend against a theft charge.

We seek an optimal outcome for our clients in every case we handle, always exploring every opportunity to dismiss criminal charges or reduce them to the fullest extent possible.