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Instructive tale? Tiger Woods gets a bit of adverse press

by | Jun 16, 2017 | Criminal Defense

Doesn’t it sometimes seem to be the case that top-tier celebrities seem to be akin to fantasy figures, with tabloid-laden lives that resemble narratives grounded in fiction rather than reality?

You can take your pick of high-profile figures to test that point.

Tiger Woods would seem to serve well enough presently, although one of the world’s most famous golfers and uber sports celebrities ever is now gracing media covers globally in a somewhat singular and unquestionably real-life manner.

To wit: staring out at the world from his mug shot.

That image was taken earlier this week by police in Florida after Woods was found sleeping in his parked car by the side of a road in the early morning hours. His engine was running.

The bottom line that has emerged from myriad media accounts in the near wake of the incident was that, notwithstanding initial stories referencing drinking and driving, Woods turned out not to have a trace of alcohol in his system. He blamed the incident on “an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications.”

We would suggest to readers that Woods’ story is readily instructive in a broad-based way for the manner in which it illustrates quick public judging that often attends news relating to an individual’s involvement with the criminal justice system, regardless of whom that person might be.

As one news account noted, “the Internet has been quick to judge Woods,” with it turning out to be the case that such judgment was premature, faulty and harmful.

Encounters with police officers can often yield adverse publicity and bring an unwanted stigma for an individual, even in cases that never yield an arrest or conviction. And that is just as true for, say, a local university student at PSU who is stopped for an alleged drinking-and-driving-related infraction as it is for the world’s most famous golfer.

Every person has the right for truth to emerge when he or she is accused of a criminal act.

A proven criminal defense attorney can help to ensure that a client who is alleged to have engaged in criminal wrongdoing is diligently represented, insisting all elements of alleged misconduct be proven by authorities beyond a reasonable doubt.