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October 2017 Archives

Does the government have access to your emails?

If you've ever wondered whether the U.S. Department of Justice has asked Microsoft or Google for your emails, you're probably still wondering. That's because the DOJ often issues gag orders that prevent your email service from letting you know you're under investigation.

Enjoy 'Halloweekend,' but be aware of the risks

One of Penn State's rowdiest weekends is fast approaching. Known as "Halloweekend," PSU students let loose for several days surrounding the holiday, packing bars and apartments for hours and hours of partying.

Alpha Chi Rho charged with furnishing alcohol to 2 underage women

After the hazing-related death of a 19-year-old Beta Theta Pi pledge in February, Penn State outlined certain changes it expected to see in fraternity life. One of those changes was stricter enforcement of underage drinking laws.

Ten students arrested after fraternity pledge's death

Binge drinking on college campuses is still a problem, especially in the context of fraternity hazing rituals that involve excessive drinking as "punishments" for pledges. Not only can these result in injuries, some college students can lose their lives.

Should people lose their driver's licenses for unpaid court debt?

According to the Legal Aid Justice Center, 43 states and the District of Columbia have policies allowing or requiring courts to suspend the driver's licenses of people who fail to pay fines. In all but four states, this can be done with no consideration of whether the person has willfully refused to pay or simply doesn't have the ability to pay the fine. Pennsylvania is among the states that have one of these "license-for-payment" policies.

The steps a field sobriety test consists of

When drivers in Pennsylvania and other states are pulled over by a police officer, it is likely they are in a slight panic mode. No motorist likes to get pulled over, and no motorist ever enjoys getting a ticket following a stop. What about stops that involve more than just a simple traffic violation? If an officer is under the suspicion that a driver is under the influence of alcohol, a driver will be subjected to some tests. It is not only important to understand what these tests are but also why they are used. This awareness could help a driver assert defenses if he or she is facing a drunk driving charge.

Why you need to remember your right to remain silent

A run-in with the police is almost never a pleasant experience. Whether you are the one being arrested, or police just want to ask you a few questions, speaking with police can make most people nervous. This is especially true for young adults like Penn State students, many of whom have never had to deal with the police before.