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2 more Penn State fraternities suspended due to alcohol violations

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Criminal Defense

University officials announced over the weekend that two more fraternities will be suspended. That brings the total to six fraternities suspended this year. The university suspended three others in 2015.

The main complaint against both Delta Upsilon and Pi Lambda Phi are that they served alcohol at events where underage students were in attendance.

Delta Upsilon has lost its recognition until the end of next semester. It is barred from participating in homecoming, the Panhellenic Dance Marathon and all other Greek life events. According to the university, the fraternity allowed underage drinking at two socials within three weeks and also held an event the university deemed to specifically encourage underage drinking.

The executive director of Delta Upsilon International commented that he was “extremely disappointed” but noted that, if chapters choose to hold events that endanger health and safety, sanctions are appropriate.

Pi Lambda Phi allegedly made alcohol available to guests during what should have been dry social functions under the university’s expectations. This apparently occurred on three separate occasions. It has therefore lost its recognition until the end of 2019.

The governing body for Pi Lambda Phi has suspended the Penn State chapter and has initiated closure procedures. It cited members ho “chose not to follow” expectations the university had made clear.

In February, the university outlined a number of changes it expected to see in Greek life in response to the hazing death of Timothy Piazza, a 19-year-old Beta Theta Pi pledge. As we’ve mentioned before on this blog, strict enforcement of underage drinking rules was among those changes. Failure by the fraternity system to comply with the changes could result in the entire system going dry, the university said in March.

“The misbehavior of these chapters demonstrates very little regard for the trouble alcohol can bring. I am disappointed by this outcome, but effective accountability must be achieved,” the vice president for student affairs said in regard to these latest two closures.

If you’re arrested for underage drinking or furnishing alcohol, contact a lawyer

The university has made clear that it is serious about these matters. When a fraternity or sorority is accused of alcohol-related offenses, it’s possible that it will merely result in a closed chapter. However, it seems increasingly likely that the university will resort to charging individuals if they decide it will help get the message across.

Don’t let your college career be marred by an underage drinking or furnishing alcohol charge. The consequences can be serious and you will have a criminal record that could trouble you for years. Take the situation seriously and talk to an attorney.