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Report: State College the ‘drunkest’ city in Pennsylvania

by | Dec 4, 2017 | DUI Defense

As a college town, it is not surprising to many people that State College, Pennsylvania, contains its fair share of people who like to party hard. However, a recent report shows just how much more State College residents like to party than the average Pennsylvanian.

According to an analysis of data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 22.3 percent of people over 18 years old living in the State College area admit that they drink to excess. Compare this to 18.1 percent of people in all of Pennsylvania who admit to the same behavior. More alarming, 29.6 percent of all driving deaths in the State College metropolitan area are linked to drunk driving.

While the statewide rate is only the 21st highest in the country, State College’s binge drinking rate is in the top 10 percent of all metro areas in the country. The nationwide rate of young adults and adults who said that they binge drink or drink heavily was 18 percent.

What does this all mean?

On its surface, it means that compared to the state as a whole, more people who live in State College like to get drunk than anywhere else in the state. It could also mean that there are a lot of people who don’t actually like to get drunk but are struggling with a substance abuse problem.

Coupled with the high number of alcohol-related crash fatalities, it likely means that there are a lot of drunk drivers on the road in the State College area. It also means that there are likely a high number of accidents and DUI arrests that never would have happened if drunk drivers made the decision to not get behind the wheel.

You may think that a drunk driving arrest is no big deal, but a conviction can be just as bad as any other criminal conviction. You could face time in jail, loss of your driver’s license and other unintended consequences. It can have an effect on your school work, and it can make it harder to find a job after you graduate because of a criminal record.