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March 2018 Archives

Man charged with felonies after finagling insurance for crash

If you've ever driven without proper insurance, you know there's always a risk. If you get into an accident, you're going to get caught breaking the law. If you were at fault, you could also get stuck with the cost of repairing your own vehicle and the other person's vehicle -- plus, you could be held responsible for injuries.

Probation-violation DUI gets State College doc in bigger trouble

No matter what the underlying reason, being charged with a new offense while on probation only adds to the trouble. A 58-year-old State College podiatrist was just deemed a danger to the public after violating her Clearfield County probation by driving drunk in Centre County.

Very drunk man allegedly kicks Penn State officer in the face

A 21 year-old New Jersey man was arrested recently on West College Avenue after he was reported staggering and stumbling while cars whizzed past, just a few feet away. When Penn State police confronted him, he reportedly told them he was "of alcohol" when he meant to say he was "of age." Officers say he had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath and became verbally combative when confronted.