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How much does a Pennsylvania DUI increase auto insurance rates?

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2020 | DUI Defense

Facing a Pennsylvania driving under the influence charge, and worried about how it might affect you if that charge winds up leading to a conviction? Ultimately, numerous factors, including whether you have ever had a DUI conviction in the past, are going to factor in when it is time for the court to determine your penalties after a drunk driving conviction. However, most people convicted of DUI in Pennsylvania find that their bank accounts take a serious hit in the aftermath. 

Even if you are a first-time drunk driving offender in Pennsylvania, you should anticipate having to pay hundreds of dollars in fines following your conviction. You may, too, have to pay for substance abuse treatment or alcohol highway safety school, among other expenses, but one of the biggest expenses you should anticipate, according to Insure.com, is an increase in auto insurance premiums. 

Most motorists in Pennsylvania who have never driven drunk and who otherwise have pretty standard driving histories pay about $1,438 annually for automotive insurance coverage. With one DUI conviction, however, that figure climbs to an average of $2,192 a year, which is a difference of $754. 

Obviously, other elements, among them the type and age of the car you drive once you regain the privilege to do so, are going to factor in when determining the final amount of your insurance premiums. However, this should give you a good sense of just how much a DUI conviction impacts your annual insurance rates. 

This information about how much more Pennsylvania drivers pay for car insurance after a DUI is informational in nature and is in no way legal advice.