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How do colleges respond to students with DUIs?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2020 | DUI Defense

Pennsylvania college students may not realize the damage of DUI convictions. Some think it ends after you pay your fine. Others do not even consider the possibility of jail time. But did you know college students face consequences beyond fines and jail time?

Today we will look at how colleges often choose to handle DUI cases. You may find it surprising to see what is at stake.

The possibility of expulsion

The College Investor discusses how DUI convictions can ruin a college student’s life. This is because the college itself has all the say in what happens to the student. After police report the DUI to the college, they decide what to do. They often look at factors like the severity of the crime committed and whether it is a first offense.

It is rare, but there are some cases that result in expulsion. A college may decide to kick you out. If this college is the only one that offers what you need, it is a crippling blow to your career.

College severance of financial aid

Colleges sometimes respond by cutting financial support. They may also bar you from using the on-campus housing. Though this is not as drastic as expelling you, it is often as devastating. College is an immense cost. Most people cannot get through without some financial support. Losing scholarships may make it difficult for you to continue attending. Also, off-campus housing is often much more expensive than on-campus housing. Some students cannot afford it.

These consequences alone can drastically affect the trajectory of your college career. It is important to keep in mind if you end up facing a DUI charge.