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Impaired driving charges and your CDL

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2020 | DUI Defense

For many people, driving represents the means through which they earn a living. Whether as a long-haul truck driver, a school bus driver or as a courier van driver, losing the right to drive might contribute to the loss of a job. 

When a person with a commercial driver’s license faces charges of alleged driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, understanding the impact on a job and a license matters a lot. 

Federal clearinghouse requires reporting and reviews

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration developed its Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse a few years ago. At the beginning of 2020, full compliance with the Clearinghouse began. 

Any employer must review a job candidate’s profile in the database prior to finalizing a decision to hire that person. The presence of a substance violation may prevent a company from hiring a person in a driving role. Violations may also prevent a person from working in other capacities. 

Employers must also review employee’s records every year to identify any new violations. When a driver fails a substance test or refuses to take a test, the employer must report the information to the Clearinghouse. 

State law allows license disqualification

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles, a person may have her or his commercial driving license disqualified for 12 months after a drunk driving offense. The offense may relate to an event that took place while the person operated a personal or work vehicle. 

Refusing to take a breath or blood test may also lead to the disqualification of a commercial driving license for a full year.