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Is marijuana legal in Pennsylvania?

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2021 | Drug Crimes

If a police officer arrests you for something, it is typically safe to assume that the charge could result in a conviction. However, you have rights.

Marijuana laws are changing in Pennsylvania. However, they are still somewhat strict — especially when compared with some other areas of the Northeast.

Medical marijuana

Medical marijuana is legal. The conditions for getting it are somewhat restrictive. It is only available for patients with specific conditions. As per the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, doctors could prescribe marijuana for an array of nervous diseases, immune system disorders and psychological issues.

To participate in the program, you would have to register. You would then have to consult with a physician, receive a prescription and get the license documents you need.

Legal concerns with marijuana

There are many ways that you could potentially get into trouble with cannabis in Pennsylvania. Possessing someone else’s medical marijuana could result in a charge. Driving while under the influence could also result in a serious charge.

The governor is a proponent of legalizing marijuana for adult use in the Commonwealth. These changes could come soon. However, until such a time arises, you run the risk of running afoul of the law if you possess, use, sell, cultivate or otherwise engage in illegal activity with this unlawful substance.

Cannabis arrests

Please understand your legal position before you give up your rights by making uninformed statements to police or prosecutors. Even if you do not believe that the law is just, and even if enforcement is not consistent, prosecutors might choose to pursue any case that involves valid evidence of a crime according to the letter of the law.