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What should I know about PA ignition interlock requirements?

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2021 | DUI Defense

The requirements surrounding ignition interlock compliance for DUI are different between states. If the Pennsylvania courts are charging you with DUI, understanding the nuances of ignition interlock requirements in this state is paramount.

Ignition interlock devices are expensive to install and maintain; they may also prevent a barrier to employment in some instances. Thus, there are two exemptions to the ignition interlock requirement. The first is a financial hardship exemption if you own multiple vehicles and the second is an employment exemption.

What should I know about the financial hardship exemptions?

The general rule is that if the courts require you to install ignition interlock devices, you must install them on all vehicles you own or lease. However, if this will cause you extreme financial hardship, you can apply for an exemption to this. In the event that the courts grant the exemption, you will only need to install the device on one of your vehicles.

What should I know about the employment exemption?

It is possible that you must operate an employer-owned vehicle as part of your employment. If this is the case, you may apply for an employment exemption. In order for the courts to grant this exemption, you must inform your employer of your ignition interlock restriction. Then, you must carry proof of employer notification while you are operating the vehicle. You may only operate this vehicle during the scope of your employment.

However, there are exceptions with this exemption. You may operate an employer-owned vehicle without an ignition interlock device unless it is a large passenger vehicle or a school bus. No exemptions exist for these vehicles.