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“Study drugs” can create serious problems for students

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2021 | Criminal Defense

College students have to contend with rigorous academic demands. Trying to balance school work with extracurricular activities and a social life can be extremely challenging.

Students sometimes use stimulants in the hopes of getting an edge. Stimulants can offer a burst of energy to stay up and cram for an exam or stay hyper-focused. However, some of the most popular stimulants are controlled substances. They can have dangerous consequences for students’ health or even result in criminal charges.

What type of stimulant use is on the rise at colleges?

Students look to a variety of “uppers” to boost academic performance. Prescription amphetamines are among the most prevalent controlled substances that students develop a dependency on.

How do students get access to stimulants?

In general, a person needs a prescription to get amphetamines. This type of drug treats attention deficit disorder. Some people genuinely need this medication to manage a diagnosable health condition, but others manage to feign having a learning disability in order to get a prescription. Typically, it circulates on college campuses when people sell or share prescriptions.

What are the dangers?

There are multiple health risks associated with prolonged use of stimulants such as Adderall. In particular, people could experience severe cardiovascular problems. They may also have mental health issues including anxiety or hallucinations.

Ultimately, students who become dependent on stimulants put their health and their academic futures at great risk. Furthermore, an arrest for possessing or distributing a controlled substance may jeopardize everything that a student has worked to achieve.