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Can you look for a job while on probation?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2021 | Probation and Parole Violations

If a Pennsylvania court grants you probation, you may have the option of bypassing time behind bars. Or, you may have already served time, but now have the option of living a semi-normal life so long as you meet the requirements for your probation.

During this period, you can enjoy most of the rights and privileges that other people do, such as getting a job. The important part is that you understand the conditions of your probation so you do not violate your agreement and jeopardize your freedom.

Applying for a job

As you prepare to start sending your resume out, you may feel apprehensive about how employers will view your criminal past. You may feel uneasy about what they will think when they find out about your probationary status. While these are valid concerns, you have the chance to market yourself with confidence and dignity when you approach things the right way.

When asked about your past, highlight how your experiences have helped you learn and grow. For example, dealing with court gave you ample opportunity to practice organization and punctuality. Remind the interviewer how you could make a difference in their company because of these skills you possess.

Maintaining a job

Career Trend suggests that you strongly consider accepting a job even if an employer offers you a less desirable position. You can use this opportunity to build your reputation and establish rapport in preparation for better jobs down the road. Refrain from participating in activities that violate the terms and conditions of your probation. Behaviors such as ignoring court dates, reoffending or missing meetings with your probation officer could land you behind bars.

Your ability to maintain a job is one of the first steps on your path to making a better life for yourself. You can use this opportunity to regain your independence and self-confidence, as well as show the people around you that you are serious about changing your life.