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How does a DUI affect your financial health?

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2021 | DUI Defense

You may not yet understand all the short- and long-term consequences of your driving under the influence charge, but you know you must pay fees, fines and more. Do you know how to adjust your budget to account for the financial ramifications of your DUI?

American Addiction Centers touches on the financial impact of a drunk driving charge. Understand what charges likely await you on the weeks and months ahead.

Court fees

Expect the court to hit you with a fee for your charge, the amount of which depends on whether you have prior DUIs. This amount also differs across state lines, so the fee you pay in Pennsylvania may not reflect what those charged with drunk driving pay in neighboring states.

Insurance premiums

When your current car insurance provider learns of your DUI, you become a risk for them to insure. If they do not decline to continue offering you coverage, expect to pay much higher premiums for several years to remain a customer.

Driver’s license fees

Depending on whether you have prior DUIs, you may lose your driver’s license and the privileges it brings. After your suspension period, you regain your license, but not before paying a reinstatement fee.

Ignition interlock device fees

If you must outfit your car with an ignition interlock device, which determines if you have alcohol on your breath before starting (or not starting) your car, you must pay an installation fee. Further, you pay a monthly fee for the device.

Take your time as you figure out how to pay the total cost of a DUI. Focusing on essential spending may help you shoulder the financial burden.