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Addressing your options when facing identity theft charges

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2024 | Criminal Defense

There are various types of measures authorities might take when investigating allegations of identity theft. This could include anything from tracing footprints to IP addresses to tracking transactions via online sources, and if this investigation leads authorities to your doorstep, you might not know how best to handle the situation.  

The penalties of a conviction for identity theft charges can be severe in nature and could have a significant impact on your life. There are numerous scenarios in which allegations of identity theft may arise, and seeking advice in addressing your options when accused of involvement in such activity could be vital to protecting your Pennsylvania future. 

Possible types 

Allegations of identity theft may arise whenever a person stands accused of using another party’s financial or personal info without authorization. Some common types of identity theft might include: 

  • Credit cards: Using another person’s information to apply for credit cards and using another party’s credit cards to make personal purchases without approval are two common types of identity theft. 
  • Utilities: Allegations of identity theft may also arise if you stand accused of using another person’s information to open accounts with utility companies or phone service providers. 
  • Tax information: Tax fraud also remains a prevalent type of identity theft. This could involve acts such as using someone else’s details to file a fraudulent tax return or to steal a tax refund. 
  • Health care: Identity theft could also take on the form of health care fraud. Accessing another party’s health insurance information and using it to obtain medical care could prompt similar results.  

Even if you believe that another party gave you permission to use such information to carry out transactions, that might not always be enough to keep similar legal challenges at bay.

Facing identity theft charges 

If you face identity theft charges, it may be natural to have concerns about what to expect and how the outcome of your situation might impact your life. With a great deal on the line, it could be beneficial to consider seeking insight in preparing to thoroughly evaluate your case and make informed choices about your available options. This type of advice could play a vital role in helping you better prepare to develop a strategy for subsequent legal proceedings that best aligns with your goals and future interests.