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December 2017 Archives

Man spends 5 months in PA prison, falsely accused of DUI

In 2014, the Pennsylvania State Police falsely accused a New York man of drunk driving. The man spent 158 days in the Lehigh County Prison, despite being completely innocent. How did this miscarriage of justice occur? First, his bail was set at a level he could not afford. Second, a state trooper continued to insist on his guilt despite ample evidence that he was not.

Penn. high court: Pulling over to side of road is not suspicious

If you pull over to the shoulder of the interstate, is that automatically suspicious? The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently ruled that it is not. Moreover, the court threw out a drunk driving conviction based on the officer believing it was.

Should the police need a warrant to track your cell's location?

On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments about whether police should be required to get a warrant before accessing location records for a suspect's cellphone. Law enforcement has been gaining access to these records by getting an ordinary court order, which requires a lower standard of evidence than a warrant.

Report: State College the ‘drunkest’ city in Pennsylvania

As a college town, it is not surprising to many people that State College, Pennsylvania, contains its fair share of people who like to party hard. However, a recent report shows just how much more State College residents like to party than the average Pennsylvanian.