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February 2018 Archives

Philly man charged with possessing gun that may not have been his

Patton Township police arrested a 23-year old Philadelphia man recently after a disorderly conduct call. According to police, a man had pointed a handgun at another man and took some cash from his wallet. The police settled on the Philadelphia man as the suspect.

Road rage by passenger sends woman to hospital, man to jail

Often enough, criminal acts are the result of unmanaged anger. We've all heard of road rage, where an angry driver overreacts to a stranger's irritating driving habits. Sometimes the events escalate to the point where the two drivers pull off the road and argue, or even fight. Afterwards it can be hard to explain why pulling over seemed like it would help.

How long should a defendant be held if they can't afford bail?

A 25-year-old State College woman is seeking a bail modification because procedures in her case have become complex and time-consuming. The woman, who was charged in connection with a drug-overdose death last year, was originally given straight bail of $150,000, which she could not afford.

Could lower drug charges reduce the racial sentencing disparity?

Across the U.S., minorities face apparently race-based disparities in every part of the criminal justice system. They tend to be contacted by police, arrested, charged, and convicted at higher rates than whites despite being no more likely to commit crimes than their white peers. They are also incarcerated more often and sentenced to longer terms in prison.